Eye mantra saved me


I was suffering from eye conjunctivitis for the past few days.

Both my eyes had swollen gone red, and tears and dust kept rolling inside my eyes. At first I thought some switch word would help. I was waiting for my co-sister to give me back the switch word books which I had lent her to read. But I could not find anything there.

Then it struck me to check your website for mantras. I found the below mantra and chanted it regularly from the fourth day of my suffering. I chanted nonstop before sleeping. I did not count number of times.

Fifth day morning, I felt little better. I continued to chant whenever I could.

On the sixth day I was completely fine. I went and checked with doctor. She asked me to reduce the dosage of drops too. Your mantra worked wonders on my eyes.

Thanks a lot and I will never forget this divine experience.


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About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Nameste naranji
    I have so many problems.
    1. I have a very unhappy marriage. My husband thinks there is no one Like him. I only have one daughter, and he has made sure that she only listens to him, does as he says.
    He makes fun of me, doesn’t respect me. His arrogant, I have put on weight due to the stress and money. I started a coaching and training business, which is not doing well. I can’t seem to find or get clients. His family is not good, has done black magic. Im desperate for help. Please help me get my husband under my control. I need to lose 20kg of weight, my stomach looks like I’m pregnant and over due. Please help me to make my business a profitable and successful. Please naranji I am extremely extremely in need of Help. URGENT HELP. I do not earn any money at all also.

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