Letting go the unwanted


Pass motion

The Chin Mudra activates the Apanan.

One has to pass motion in the morning otherwise they will feel uncomfortable. He will do all sorts of tricks like dancing, drinking one liter of water, doing this and that to pass motion.

Be in this Mudra, chant “JO”.

Feeling lethargic

Normally, after waking up, we have the habit of lying in the bed for some time and not getting up – may be want to have a bed-coffee. At that time, be in this Mudra and chant, “MOVE ON”.

Whoever has worked in front of the computer for the last 24 hours, whoever is lethargic and not doing anything, they need to be in this Mudra and chant, “MOVE ON”.

Wisdom Within

This is a good Mudra for meditation also.

When your mind is not relaxed, start with this Mudra and automatically all the unwanted thoughts that is clogging the mind will go off. That is why this Mudra is called as Chin Mudra or Gyan Mudra.

There is nothing Gyan or wisdom as it is. There is no wisdom available (outside). The Mudra will remove the Agyanam (ignorance) in us. Then wisdom will come automatically.

Whenever unwanted thoughts come to you, be in this Mudra and they will get released.

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About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Sir,
    I have been wanting to start a blog and science newsletter for kids, for quite sometime now. Both of these require a certain flair of language and creative thinking and writing which I am not getting. I also have hard time assimilating and putting things together. Could you provide any Switch word, mantra or bach flower remedy. Thanks.

  2. Sir, I read in one of your blogs that ‘ Release Resistance On’ is for creativity. Do you suggest any other switch word or Bach flower along with this. Kindly let me know. Thanks.

  3. Löysin blogin vasta tällä viikolla, mutta lukaisin kerralla kaikki reseptit läpi – näyttivät niin herkullisilta! Mitään en ole vielä ehtinyt kokeilemaan, mutta eniten ainakin tällä hetkellä miellyttää “Marjainen murupiiras gr1isllsä&#822i; -ohje, jota tulen varmasti tekemään

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